Furoshiki Shoes Videos

1.Vibram Furoshiki Wrap Shoes Review

This guy loves new and different kinds of shoes. So, when he saw these on the internet, he quickly ordered one for himself. After a day he thought of doing an honest review of these shoes. Lets see what he loved and hated about the Furoshiki Shoes:

2.Vibram Furoshiki Wrapping Sole

This video will tell you how these shoes look when you wear them outside. Nice, simple, funky, cool and comfortable.

3.Furoshiki Р How to

This pretty girl describes furoshiki as the shoes which wants to hug your feets. You’ll love these shoes when they are on your feet. Put them on and have fun!

4.These shoes wrap around your feet like socks

Have a look at the 30 seconds video below to have a glimpse of the furoshiki shoes:

5. Furoshiki Shoes Honest Reviews – Pros and Cons

This is a quick introduction to the pros and cons of the furoshiki shoes. You should definitely watch this video before making a purchase.