Welcome to the Furoshiki Shoes Review website.

My name is Akshay and I am here to give you an honest and unbiased review on the latest Furoshiki Shoes.Akshay

Few months back I got a pair of these shoes for myself from the Amazon store and I’ve to admit that I was impressed by the cool and innovative idea.

I got these shoes because I wanted to try something comfortable and flexible. Actually I have an ingrown toenail in both my thumbs which pains a lot whenever I wear any common shoes. They’re to be treated after every 4 months or so. (I don’t know when they’re gonna cure). So, I wanted to try something different. And guess what? The Furoshiki was the perfect comfy shoes. They helps me with the running, playing, and what’s not.

This new popularity brought me to building this website to share my love for Furoshiki Shoes. Within this site you will find my honest review on the Furoshiki Shoes along with a simple guide on how you can get your own Furoshiki Shoes!