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Welcome to the Furoshiki Shoes Review!

Shoes are everything, they offer style, an expression of personality and hopefully comfort and support. Can you really find a shoe that provides you with all of those things, though?

It turns out you can. The Vibram Furoshiki shoe has it all in spades. In this Furoshiki shoes review I’ll break down all of the facts you need to know.

About Vibram Furoshiki

Vibram has stores in Boston and Milan, but there are a number of online stores to buy their products from, including from Vibram’s own website, Amazon and Altitude Sports.

The company began in 1937, started by Italian mountaineer Vitale Bramani. His business was driven by tragedy, just two years earlier 6 of his friends had died in an accident on a mountaineering expedition. Bramani was of the belief that it was due to poor footwear, with mountaineers wearing shoes with smooth leather soles that were fitted with hobnails or steel cleats. The first model was dubbed Carrarmato which is Italian for tank tread- it was the first rubber lug sole. It is still produced to this day.

After that initial lug sole was released the brand continued to grow. Their first production facility opened in 1945, and the brand was firmly established as a mountaineering legacy as early as 1954 as an Italian team tackled K2 wearing Vibram’s. Vibram spread to North America in 1965 and became so widespread and popular that to this day most people believe Vibram to be an American brand.

Having the wrong shoe type for your foot can lead to plenty of problems that spread from your feet to your legs and your back. There are many types of minimalist shoes available now, but none of them encapsulate the barefoot fashion with the same panache as Furoshiki.

Furoshiki Shoes Reviews

The Features You’ll Love

Furoshiki for Comfort and Fit

If you are someone who hasn’t been convinced previously about going barefoot, you would be glad to own a pair of these shoes, because if you tend to develop inflamed feet or you have been unfortunate to suffer a mild injury to your foot the shoe will still feel great putting them on. It feels like you are barely wearing any shoe at all.

They allow for natural movement without causing any restraint for each stride you take, while also coming with incomparable comfort. It automatically fits easily with your feet apart from being comfortable in it.


The Furoshiki shoe sizing works with the following sizes XS/ S/ M/ L/ XL. In order to choose the right size you may have to measure the size of your foot by centimeters, then add one centimeter to that. Note that if you are looking for something a bit loose when compared to your actual shoe size once you carry out the comparison, you may need to go one size up.

Running in the Furoshiki

You get more grip from every toe with the Furoshiki runners. It gives your movement ease with (though it is something that you have to get used to tell the effect that it has). However, many users opt for Furoshiki for running.


The Benefits of Using a Furoshiki Shoe?

With a number of styles to choose from you are sure to find something that accurately expresses your inner style. Vibram became known for their FiveFinger shoe, sliding your feet into shoes like hands in a love, separating your toes from each other with “finger” support. In Japanese Furoshiki is the tradition of wrapping, holding and/or carrying objects with cloth. This concept has been used in Vibram’s newest offering of the Furoshiki shoe, offering a product that is both unique and flexible.



The outsole is top quality and guarantees you comfort whether you’re taking a walk in the city, jogging or relaxing by the beach, or walking through the airport. They wrap around your feet comfortably.

They’re easy to put on, and you’re guaranteed a secure fit every time.

Wash them in cold/tepid water and then hang them out to dry to freshen them up, they’re just like new – which you can’t say about the majority of shoes.

It’s multi-fit, so no matter what foot type you have you will find these comfortable and that is mainly due to the anatomic sole and the upper that stretches to conform to the foot.


While many people do run in them, there can be slippage when coming to an abrupt stop. They’re not built to stand up to a heavy workout either, so consider them more casual everyday wear shoes as opposed to heading to the gym in them

They’re not waterproof, but you can hang them out to dry.Although they will take longer to fully dry than expected, they will get there in the end and you’ll wish that all of your shoes were as easy to wash.

If you’re looking for something incredibly breathable to avoid foot sweat, then it depends on your activities. If you’re sitting still then you will have no problems, and while they are still breathable there was an expectation that they would be more breathable than they turned out to be.

What Are People Saying?

With a 4-star rating on Amazon, the overwhelming majority of feedback is praising this shoe. The most frequent negative feedback revolves around sizing, as they run in European sizes there can be some confusion. The best way to avoid bad sizing is to measure your feet in centimetres and add one.

There is an echo of the same sentiments we’ve made here; in that, they are excellent for everyday wear but not a great choice to hit the gym in.

They look and feel cool, and even though they fit securely you can still move about comfortably without feeling your movement restricted by them. It’s like being barefoot, but with the protection of an outer layer.

“…I love these shoes! I have a medical condition that has prevented me from being able to find shoes that fit comfortably, these shoes allow me to feel normal again…”

Amazon Customer Review

“…These are the bomb! I wear a size 11.5 in most shoe manufacturers size. Ordered the XL and they fit perfect…”

Amazon Customer Review

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes Review


As far as this Furoshiki shoes review can tell… these shoes are like hammocks for your feet. If you prefer going barefoot then you won’t mind slipping your feet into these bad boys, because they are minimalist and lightweight enough to make you feel like you’re wearing nothing.

If you want a running shoe, then stick with Vibram’sFiveFingers styles because they offer a grip across the entire sole with your toes playing a part- so the Furoshiki might slow you down.

They make an excellent everyday footwear option and Furoshiki’s have been designed as the ideal shoe for walking, general fitness, and yoga.

Don’t expect them to take the same pounding that FiveFingers do, but wear them alternatively to keep your barefoot feel going in everything that you do. It’s a bit like slipping your feet into socks with an amazing grip. Vibram’sFuroshiki offering is definitely a safe shoe decision that won’t leave you feeling disappointed. So why not explore this fantastic footwear for comfort when running or training.

Where to Buy Furoshiki Shoes From?

They’re available for sale in 5 different colors (Jeans, Black, Move Light, Blue Flower and White Flower) and you can choose the best ones for you from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed the review of these unique shoes, however, if you have any questions or have purchased one and want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

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12 thoughts to “Furoshiki Shoes Review”

  1. I absolutely love these shoes. They are more than just awesome in terms of everything including comfort, price and gorgeous looks. I have started using them for jogging and running purpose. Anyways, I would like to ask that how long will these shoes last? I mean they are quite cheap. Will they last more than a year? By the way, thanks for sharing the article!

    1. Hey Anjali,
      Yes, I have personally got 4 pair of these shoes in total up till now and they all are working fine(I mean they are in good condition) except the one which is now almost 1.5 years old. I would they are quite good shoes!
      Your welcome.

  2. These shoes are seriously awesome. I love them to the moon and back. The most comfortable shoes for my foot. Keeps me running and jogging continously. Thanks to it’s manufacturers who actually thought of designing such product. Anyways, thanks for sharing the article. Would again love to get these on my next pocket money.

  3. One of my friends recommended these shoes to me. So, after searching on google for reviews I found your website. Nice article I must say. Also, these shoes are quite good. However, don’t you feel like they are quite expensive. I mean there’s not much in the shoes except from the exceptional design and comfort level. What do you think? Also, where is the best place I can go to buy these shoes? Vibram store or amazon store?

    1. No Jay! I have a somewhat different perspective. I agree with you that they are super comfortable but on the other hand they also offers a good price tag. Wearing these shoes won’t feel like you’re wearing something heavy or like other ordinary shoes. Instead it feels like you’re walking completely barefoot. Apart from this the exceptional design and use of furoshiki cloth makes it an outstanding one. They seriously have helped me(who has a ingrown toenail) to walk to the full of comfort. So, I will say that there offer price is quite good. Anyways thanks! Cheers!

  4. I love these shoes. Feels like walking barefoot. Can’t get anymore comfortable shoes then these! Thanks for sharing out the review.

  5. This is one of the best reviews I’ve ever come across. I can literally sense that furoshiki shoes are indeed a good buy. I am in love with the design of the shoes. I’m just confused about which size to get. Shopping online have a negative side that I can’t try these shoes personally. Can you recommend me which size to get? I usually wear 7 size of a normal shoe. Anyways, thanks for sharing the review.

    1. Thanks for the comment. As far as the size is concerned, if you normally wear 7 size then you should get a size 8. I’ve personally gone through this and I can assure you that size 8 will be the best fit for you.

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